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Dwarves resemble short and stocky humanoids, male dwarves often having large beards, which is a symbol of their pride. They are stubborn, proud, and are among the greediest of Beings, more so than Humans though their greed is balanced by their stout belief in honor, though they are less trusting of other Races.

Dwarves are miners by nature, digging into the earth to uncover riches, and they are also legendary smiths and proud warriors. Dwarves hold an intense rivalry with Goblins and racially segregate them. And there are very few, if any, dwarves or goblins who have put their kinds' beef with each other behind them. Dwarves also had a rivalry with Dragons as both races collect and hoard treasure, some accounts in history where dragons stole from dwarves to increase their own hoards.

Although Dwarves' most legendary weapons are warhammers and battleaxes, Dwarves also make use of Mystic Firearms, Spell Guns and Rifles, fascinated by the possibilities of these weapons. Dwarven gunmakers constantly tinker and upgrade the guns they craft, naming and decorating their weapons.

Dwarves are revered for their talent and practice of blacksmithing, silver-&-goldwork, and Antiquities, and therefore were given the duty of minting coins and money for mystic currency. Due to this, along with their skills in finances, evaluating gemstones and precious metals, and money-handling, the majority of mystic banks in Fantasia are run by dwarves.
Dwarves are capable of learning magick as well but most prefer using magick for making things, like tools, weapons, treasures, and valuable objects.

Dwarves, as mentioned, are shorter and stockier (more or less than 3 feet) than other Sapient Beings, like humans or elves, and the men often grow beards, which are a symbol of their pride. They are more resistant to heat and cold, the former coming in handy when they're working the forge, and they behold an average lifespan of seven centuries.

As mentioned, they are skilled metalworkers, smiths, and stoneworkers, and they usually live underground or in hollowed-out mountains, and they keep their subterranean settlements lit with sunstones or glowstones, the former used to grow underground crops.

The Race of Dwarves is ruled by seven clans known as the Houses, each led by the Head all of whom comprise the Dwarven Council. The Houses are all Level 4 Nobility in Fantasia.
Among the Heads of the seven Houses is the Dwarf Monarch, the king or queen who rules over the rest of the Houses and their race as a whole. Unlike typically succession in royalty, the Dwarf Monarch's heir is not guaranteed to succeed him or her. Instead, when the Monarch dies or steps down, the Heads of the Houses elect the next monarch by popular vote.
Some of this is how I've always viewed Dwarves, as well as inspirations from research.

I really think JK Rowling should've used Dwarves instead of Goblins to manage Gringotts Bank in her Harry Potter novels, but I wonder if that was to be a little more original.
LordTohrment Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is cool. Working on a fantasy epic and this very informative though lots of it I already knew. I also noticed that their names and Culture greatly resembles that of the Norse Vikings,
TGWolven5 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I think a viking-esque style makes them tough enough to make up for their... stature
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